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The amount of energy from the sun that reaches Earth each day is massive. The Earth’s reserves of oil, coal, and natural gas is roughly equal to only twenty days of sunshine. Solar power offers true efficiency, as most areas of the United States receive enough sunshine to warrant solar power a practical method of powering an agriculture operation. Solar energy can be used in agriculture in a number of ways – allowing farmers to save money, increase self-reliance, and reduce pollution. Solar energy can also drastically reduce a farm’s electricity, heating bills, and overhead. Solar heat collectors have proved effective to dry crops and warm homes, livestock buildings, and greenhouses. Solar water heaters provide hot water for pen cleaning, dairy operations, and homes. Solar electric panels, also known as photovoltaics, can power farmimg operations and remote lights, electrical fences, and water pumps. Buildings and barns can also be renovated to absorb and capture natural daylight. Solar power has quickly become a much less expensive method for powering a farming operation than extending power lines.


By powering buildings and barns with solar power, your farming operation will become more economic, reliable, and eco-friendly.


By relying on the massive amounts of energy that the sun sends to Earth, your farm can quickly become a self reliant operation.


Fossil fuels are used to generate 68% of the electricity we consume. These methods are outdated and awful for the environment.



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