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Three Ways to Go Green

Solar energy is not the only thing you could do to that’s green or saves you money. There many little things you could do yourself to not only save you money, but save the planet as well. Here are three simple ways to go green.

Reuse & Recycle

Recycling is a great way to go green. Recycling helps save our planet tremendously. Plastic that would normally get discarded into the ocean, can be remade into something else. Recycling nowadays is made easy. You can take your cans and plastics to a recycling center in your area, some even pay you for recycling, talk about a win-win. Instead of throwing away some things you think you don’t need anymore, you could easily reuse them. A good way to reuse would be composting/planting a vegetable garden. Composting would save you the money you would be spending on food and groceries.

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Unplug Devices

Unplugging your devices when not in use is a great way to save money on electricity. Most days, people leave phone chargers, or other devices they are not using plugged in. Kids especially forget to unplug their devices, or to even turn off a light when they leave a room.This takes up so much unnecessary energy. Begin by making a family rule that everyone can follow: When not in use, unplug it. While it may be hard to remember at first, soon, unplugging will become a good habit.

Go Paperless

Going paperless, while difficult at first is a great way to go green. A good start would be getting rid of paper towels and paper products in your kitchen. Replace them with cloths instead. Try to refrain from using styrofoam or plastic dishes. Store cloths in places you would easily reach them. Try placing a few in drawers or in baskets on counters, where kids can easily reach them. Getting rid of your plastic bags is also a good green way. Instead of getting grocery bags every time you go to the store, keep a couple of reusable bags in your car. Some stores sell reusable bags in the store at check out. By using reusable bags, you won’t have a ton of plastic bags stored in your home that you have no need for and eventually have to discard.