Solar Energy, Why Do It Alone?

J-Tech Solar loves impacting the environment by providing homes with eco-friendly power options. Solar energy has made many advancements since it first was harnessed in the 1950’s, and is becoming an affordable option for many families. Unfortunately, many homeowners aren’t in a position for this investment, either due to financial restrictions or restrictions set by the local homeowner’s associations. Lately, a movement has been propelled into action in order to combat this setback with solar energy, and community solar is empowering individuals everywhere to come together for a common goal.

solar energy

What is community solar?

Community solar is not a company, object, or event. Also referred to as a community solar farm, this simply refers to the installation of multiple solar power panels in a single location offered to be used by surrounding residents. By either purchasing full rights or subscribing to rented pannels, homeowners can harness solar power without attaching the panels to their own homes. The energy is typically less expensive for homeowners because these farms have the capability to produce mass amounts of energy for less cost than residential panels. Not to mention, residents who opt for solar power (on the residential or mass community level) enjoy various Federal Investment Tax Credits (ITC), according to Energy Sage.

Why is this ground-breaking?

Community solar is not a new practice in the United States (the first community solar farm came to place in 2006.) However, popularity is only recently starting to increase. More individuals are becoming educated on the quality of our environment, and understand that solar energy power is a great way to make a positive impact. Clean energy is becoming far more exciting, accessible, and overall, trendy. Community solar farms are beginning to take advantage of this new awareness, and are able to make a larger impact than they were able to previously. Community solar is ground-breaking because of it’s accessibility to residents near the farm, their ability to provide low energy rates, and due to the increased awareness these farms are incurring on communities.

solar energy

Is this a realistic option?

Of course! That is if there is a local community solar farm available for purchase or rental (use this website to find current or upcoming farms) in your area. These farms are created for the sake of convenience, with consumers in mind. Owners of the farms want to provide a realistic option for residents all over the world in order to promote a healthier environment. Essentially, the goal is to provide instant access to cleaner energy, at a discounted rate and tax incentives.

J-Tech would love to see these community solar farms increase awareness of the benefits of solar energy. In the years to come, we hope more families understand that this renewable energy is clean, accessible, and doesn’t have to get in the way of your everyday life. If you have more questions about how you can implement solar energy into your home, call us today for expert advice on all your solar needs.