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Stanford is Seeing Solar—All of It

Researchers from Stanford University are trying to understand America’s solar power systems, and they’re using AI to get it done. To get a better understanding of the assets already at work, scientists used an artificial intelligence program called DeepSolar to count...

New Technology Seeks to Supercharge the Solar Industry

Photovoltaic (PV) cells made from mono- or polycrystalline silicon have been the standard operating system of solar panels since the Carter administration installed them on the roof of the White House nearly 40 years ago. While the technology has improved over time,...

Three Solar Advancements to Watch in 2019

As 2019 draws near, everyone’s looking forward to what a new year will bring. The team at J-Tech Solar is more excited than ever to bring residential solar solutions to Nebraskans hoping to reduce their carbon footprint as well as their energy bill. Although we may be...

Have Yourself an Eco-Friendly Little Christmas!

The holidays usher in a sense of magic and wonder which comes but once per year, so many people have a tendency to go all out as they embrace the holiday cheer. Unfortunately, that leads to a lot of waste. In fact, household waste increases by 25% between Thanksgiving...

Solar Down, but not Out, After Trump Tariffs

It’s been almost a year since a 30% tariff was introduced for all solar cells and modules entering the U.S., and leaders in the industry say that current numbers suggest they’re down but not out. Reports indicate that while prices have surged, the industry remains...

Exxon’s Irony—Using Solar, Wind Power for Crude Oil Production

Some interesting news came out of the solar industry last week from a source you might not expect. Exxon, one of the world’s largest producers of crude oil, will begin using wind and solar power to facilitate production. In keeping with our commitment to inform...

No Winter Woes for Solar Power

This time of year we begin to see a lot of misinformation surrounding solar power, solar panel efficiency, and the use of solar power in communities where winter is harsher than the sunny coasts of Western and Southern states. It revolves around the prevailing idea...

Sustainably Sourced Thanksgiving Decorations

The holidays are upon us, and while we can’t stop thinking about tomorrow’s feast, there are surely some things left to be done the night before. Sometimes, we focus so much on the turkey and potatoes, that we forget to make the table festive for the big day. If...

New Laws Propel Illinois to Aggressive Solar Expansion

The team at J-Tech Solar is always excited when we hear about the United States making an impact through investments in solar power. Last week, Illinois passed two new laws that are ready to do just that! The state is attempting to increase its use of solar energy...



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