benefits of solar

Benefits of Going Solar

There are many benefits of using solar power. Aside from the obvious environmental benefits, homeowners are discovering several additional perks to “living off the grid.” This week, we explore our top five.

Save Money

Going solar is a good way to save yourself some money. Because it harnesses energy from the sun, you won’t need to be paying an electric bill fee. Instead of financing a complete installation, you could opt for a “pay as you go” plan. A separate company would manage the installation and maintenance of the panels. You would simply, pay the company, far less than you would have been paying the utility company.

Protect the Environment

Fossil fuels emit a lot of carbon dioxide into the environment.The Installing solar panels is a great and easy way to erase your carbon footprint. Going solar decreases your carbon emission percentage. The U.S has an annual CO2 emission of approximately 17.9%.

Raise Your Property Value

As home buyers are getting better informed about solar energy, and the lower cost of electricity, the price values of homes are increasing. Homes with solar panels also sell faster and at a higher cost. By going solar on your home, you improve not only your ability to save money now, but also get an opportunity to make more money when selling your home in the future, So really, solar has both short-term and longterm financial benefits.

Easy to Maintain

Because solar panels don’t require a lot of time and energy in keeping maintenance, you don’t spend too much money. Unlike other energy sources, solar does not require any frequent checkups to make sure everything is in working condition. Solar panels require a checkup every couple of years.

Create Jobs

Going solar creates many jobs for people. Solar jobs are higher paying and tend to be a local thing. Solar jobs contribute greatly to the U.S economy. Money that is invested into solar power creates two to three times more jobs than money that is invested in coal or natural gas. With the growth of solar energy in the country, jobs opportunities are only going to continue to grow.